What Is A Property MOT? Could A Property MOT Improve Housing?

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What Is a Property MOT? Could a Property MOT Improve Housing?

Did you know there's a UK Government MOT checker service, where you can enter the registration of a vehicle, hit the 'search' button and it brings up information about the vehicle and tells you when it was last MOT'ed, whether it passed or failed, and all sorts of useful information about the vehicle?

Well, there is! It's here: MOT checker service.

Naturally it's free and open so anyone can find out all the relevant information about a vehicle before they buy it or part exchange it for toilet roll and flour mid-pandemic.

Is it a useful service? Does it help potential buyers know what they're getting into before they buy? Well yes of course.
The more information you have about something like a car before you buy it, the better prepared you are.

If you saw the car needed welding a few years ago, it might be a good idea to ask about this.
If it failed the MOT on something major, you'll know. It's all out there in the open and available for everyone to see.


What is a Property MOT?

Just like a car MOT, a property MOT lists all the good and bad parts of a property, out in the open, so everyone can see what the house or flat is like before they buy it or rent it.

Wouldn't it be great to know as much information about a house you've seen on Rightmove or Zoopla even before you hit the 'Enquire now' button?

There are tons of regulations and bits of legislation surrounding the buying and selling of property, but also with renting properties.

As of March 2021, landlords are not allowed to rent properties with an EPC level of F or G. So only properties with EPC ratings of E and above are allowed to be rented.

The 'Domestic private rented property: minimum energy efficiency standard - landlord guidance' goes in to loads more detail, but essentially, since 1 April 2020, landlords can no longer let or continue to let properties covered by the MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard) Regulations if they have an EPC rating below E, unless they have a valid exemption in place.




A property MOT website would improve housing

Wouldn't it be great if you could check the EPC rating of any property you wanted to rent, even before you went to see it?

What about if you added to that information, stuff like the broadband speed at the property, or whether the property needed to have a rental licence, or what the flood risk was at the property?

That's exactly what we've created at tuxa.co.uk - we've made a property MOT website where you can check the loads of different aspects of property information, all in one place.

Search for properties using a postcode and have a deep dive into the information, so that, just like doing your research before buying a car, you can know all about a property before you sign on the dotted line!

Start using the property MOT checker at tuxa.co.uk right away.